Baby Light My Fire

Size Doesn’t Matter

Many people (especially men) think that “the bigger the penis, the bigger the man.” Men with small penis’ may feel inadequate and larger men may feel they don’t have to work as hard as a result of this myth.

What a man does with his organ (and his fingers and tongue) are far more important than its size.

While many women report being attracted to a large member, they are far more interested in the entire sexual experience – starting with the flowers and candles.

If you are a smaller man, you should learn to give a woman a whole range of physical experiences – from kissing and touching to manual stimulation and oral sex to bring her to orgasm.

If you are a larger man, these things hold true as well. In fact, they may be more important because she’s going to need some extra lubrication to handle you.

There’s No One “Right Way”to Orgasm

Sigmund Freud asserted that vaginal orgasms were “true” orgasms and clitoral ones were “inferior”. In the 1960’s studies by Masters and Johnson, researchers directly observed and filmed sex in the laboratory for the first time. They discovered that the physiological experience of orgasm is the same however it is reached.

During intercourse, a man indirectly stimulates a woman’s clitoris. Many women find that it is easier to climax with direct stimulation. Therefore, they want manual and oral sex as part of the repertoire.

However, that is only part. Though less likely to lead to orgasm, many women say that they would never want to eliminate intercourse because it leads to the closest physical feeling with their partner.

Don’t Skip Sex Because You’re Not in the Mood

Many people think you should skip sex if one partner is not in the mood. If you believe this, you will find yourself in a situation where the two of you have sex less and less. Two people are hardly ever in the mood at the same time.

This myth emphasizes your mood before foreplay. Once you start in, you may find yourself getting into the mood.

Sex is a stress reducer. If you don’t have sex because you are stressed out, you will become increasingly stressed, which could lead to even less sex. The cycle continues.

Sex encourages you to be emotionally intimate with your partner. If you’re not having sex, you will have more problems in your relationship.

If you are not in the mood – let your partner get you in the mood!

What Is Good Sex?

Good sex is both emotionally healthy and fun. It happens between two mutually consenting adults. It shouldn’t cause tissue damage or psychological confusion.

Sex should be accompanied with healthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When accompanied with unhealthy thoughts, feelings and behaviors, then these things are reinforced with one of the most powerful reinforces – orgasm.

Tomorrows article will continue this series of articles of “Baby, Light My Fire.”