Be Healthy Part 1

If you were to stop a noontime crowd on the street and ask them to name their most valuable asset, most wouldn’t hesitate to identify their homes as the greatest asset they own. Others may nominate a well-funded 401(k) or a shiny sports car as their most valuable asset.

If so, they would be overlooking an asset that came into their possession the day they were born. It’s an asset that many of us under appreciate in our callow youth but can see how it pays great dividends as we grow older. The asset I’m talking about is our health. Many people, however, must not think very highly of this strategic asset in their personal portfolio. Why else would they treat their health so shabbily by making poor lifestyle choices such as overeating and under exercising? We’ve all heard about how unhealthy we are as a culture-with obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease at all time highs. Newsmagazines and “20/20”-type shows report that we’ve become a fat, sick, and tired people. Is that any way to go through life?

I don’t believe so. Ten years ago, while I was a college student, I learned that if you don’t have your health, you ain’t got nothing. My body was ravaged by several diseases leaving me a bed-ridden 104-pound stick figure who nearly died. Slowly, but surely, I made a comeback by following seven keys that unlocked my health potential (Add Blind Link) including, eating to live, taking effective whole food nutritional supplements, practicing advanced hygiene, making exercise a priority, reducing toxins in my environment, avoiding deadly emotions and living a life of purpose. Since then, I’ve been inspired to share my message with others through the health and wellness company I founded, Garden of Life which has been named the 14th fasting growing private company in Americal by Inc Magazine, the public speaking I do, the release of several books, including my latest: