Breast Enhancement Vitamins Increase Your Breast Size

Everyone has their own idea of what ‘beautiful’ is. In our society many people, men and women alike, like the look of large breasts. There is growing concern, however, over the safety of getting a surgical implant procedure, not to mention the high cost. Women do have options though, and one of those options is breast enhancement vitamins. While there isn’t any clinical data to prove, or disprove, the effectiveness of this method, many woman have reported great results, maybe you will too.

It’s also important to note that there doesn’t seem to be just one type of vitamin that helps. It seems, rather, to be a cumulative effect and each type of vitamin adds a little to the overall effect.

Here is a list of some of the vitamins thought to help with breast growth and health:

1. Vitamin A. This vitamin helps keep skin firm and can help keep the skin over breasts firm and supple. While not directly related to the actual growth of the breast, it can help the skin expand and still stay supple.

2. Vitamin C. This vitamin has long been associated with keeping colds at bay, and it is great for your overall health, but it can also be helpful in producing collagen. Collagen is one element that increases the size of the breasts.

3. Vitamin E. Again, beneficial for the overall health of your body it is good for the breast since it can help the breasts stay firm and keep the skin healthy looking. Like Vitamin A, this vitamin isn’t directly related to increasing the size of the breast, it does help promote healthier, more elastic skin in preparation for the growth of the breasts.

4. While no one is recommending that you go out and ingest a lot of preservatives, it has been thought to add to the increased breast size that seems to be occurring over the last decade or so. Preservatives are in virtually every thing you eat and when it builds up in your system it seems to be contributing to larger breasts. The best way to get preservatives in your diet, though no one is sure that you should, is to eat non-organic foods.

5. Estrogen. There are foods that contain natural forms of estrogen and it’s believed that consuming those foods on a regular basis can help increase breast size. It is available in supplement form, but you must check with your doctor first. It is also believed that adding too much estrogen can lead to, ironically enough, breast cancer. While it may help you get bigger breasts, you do need to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

If you don’t want to undertake the risk and expense of getting breast implants you can try these breast enhancement vitamins as another option. Everyone is different and everyone’s results will be different, but since most of these vitamins are good for your overall health and well being, you really don’t have anything to lose, give it a try.