Car Alarms

2 way car are alarms bringing automobile protection systems into the future. A car alarm is now so much more than just a loud ringing noise when the vehicle is invaded. A 2 way car alarm is now able notify you remotely via pager when the alarm is activated. They also provid the ability to start and control the car from a distance. These special alarms can do nearly everything short of driving the car for you!

The technology, often utilizing FM radio waves, is not endorsed by some law enforcement officials because of the fact that real-time notification of theft activity might turn some car owners into vigilantes. It is seen as a trade-off in citizen safety to have the ability to try to intervene in a theft in progress. However, the remote action options available with 2 way car alarms, including door locks and trunk release, have allowed some car owners to derail a theft from as much as 2,500 feet away.

Many 2 way alarm manufacturers build GPS systems into their alarm units, which is a valuable tool in recovery of stolen vehicles. The ability to track and pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle has helped reunite many owners with their cars. However, the satellite technology used by these 2 way car alarms is far from foolproof since the signals only work when line-of-sight is possible. They can can be obstructed by solid objects including below ground parking facilities. Still, it’s a great advance in fighting auto theft.

Beyond these security measures, some modern 2 way car alarm models offer very attractive comfort features to their owners. Imagine being able to keep your vehicle locked while remote starting the car and engaging the climate control. The days of waiting in the heat or cold until the car’s temperature regulates can be a thing of the past with these fantastically user-friendly options! For more info see on Car Alarm Systems

Despite the incredible advances of these 2 way car alarms, it must be stated that they cannot upgrade a vehicle beyond its original capabilities. For example, when installed in a car that does not have automatic door locks or trunk releases, these features will not work regardless of the alarm system. Additionally, most 2 way car alarms are designed to work strictly with automatic transmission vehicles. A standard transmission cannot be started remotely as the transmission must be manually disengaged to be able to start. So, be sure that your vehicle is equipped to take on the many advantages of a 2 way car alarm system, and then enjoy this space-age gadget!