Cat Hair Loss

Each winter I have to deal with the same thing with one of my cats. I don’t know what is causing her cat hair loss, but I do know that it makes her uncomfortable and it leads to her feeling a bit under the weather. She has fine fur as it is, but when it starts to shed leaving bare spots, I have to take her in to see my veterinarian. The problem is usually taken care of, but I still have not figured out why it keeps happening to her each year when the weather turns cold.

Cat hair loss can be a side effect of fleas. If there is any chance your cats may have fleas the first thing you should do is take care of that problem, then you can worry about the bald spots. Though some cats just scratch when they have fleas, others have an allergic reaction. Cat hair loss can be a direct side effect of that allergic reaction. The skin dries out and the cat will experience a thinning of their coat, which may in turn leave noticeable bald spots.

I have noticed that my veterinarian will give my cat a shot of cortisone when I take her in for cat hair loss. This leads me to believe she is allergic for something, but the check for fleas always comes up negative. We don’t have that problem. This leaves me baffled in wondering why she is experiencing cat hair loss at the same time each year. She also will develop small scabs because she is itching herself too hard. My veterinarian says it might just be her age, as she is over ten years old, but I’m not quite so sure.

If you are dealing with unknown cat hair loss with one of your pets, make sure you take them in to be examined by your vet. This will help eliminate anything serious, and your vet can help you alleviate some of your pet’s discomfort. When it comes to cat hair loss, you never really know what is going on. If you don’t know what is going on. There are instances when hair loss may mean something else is wrong, so don’t leave it to chance. Go in and see what is going on, and get some much-needed relief for your friend. In most cases, you may find it a simple case of dry skin and relief is just around the corner.