Hair Loss Natural Cure

Most of hair loss cases, about 90%, are caused by Androgen or by heredity. The medical diagnostic is: degeneration of the hair follicle. As a result hair falls but never grows back. Chemical solutions are related to many unwanted side affects which leads growing number of people to healthy natural solutions. This article will bring you some unusual natural solutions to stop hair loss and regain hair grow.

The other 10% of hair loss cases are related to: hormonal changes, genetics, lack of suitable nutrition to the hair follicle, lack of minerals and amino acid, the use of chemical hair colors, unbalanced diet, and an oily scalp which could block hair from growing. Some mental reasons could relate to: too much tension, restlessness, or anxiety.

There are some natural healthy effective ways to treat hair loss and avoid the chemical side affect. You will not feel immediate change but in time you will see the difference. All of these solutions are effective when your body’s nutrition is balanced. Balance your diet along with the treatments.

1. Massage to the scalp with 3 oil types –
Massage your head for two days, each time with different oil: Olive, castor, and wheat sprout. Use lukewarm oil and leave a hot towel on your head for half an hour post each massage.

2. Blood flow –
Standing on the head can improve blood flow to the scalp. This is very important as the blood flow feeds the hair follicle

3. Eat biotin rich food –
Green pea, nuts, brown rice, seeds, and walnut, are all rich in biotin.

4. Minerals –
Zinc is very important in terms of building and regaining body tissue and cells. Normal daily zinc consuming is about 15 milligram.
Iron is very important as well, iron carries the oxygen to the body cells. Lack of iron could result in hair loss. A grownup should consume about 18 milligram daily.

5. Plants Saw Palmetto –
This is a type of miniature palm tree that grows at the beaches of America. It was tested to help in stopping hair loss process.

6. Avoid using chemical materials –
Avoid all chemicals which are hair treatment related. An allergic reaction to them could weaken the hair follicle.

7. Lucerne –
Lucerne is very rich with minerals. It is possible to purchase it as a powder and mix one spoon with fresh squeezed carrot juice.

These are all natural ideas which helped many people. As with almost every thing in life, keep looking. Never give up, look for information, try solutions and eventually you will find the cure you are looking for.