Making a Career Out of Artifacts

You spend your childhood entranced by dinosaur bones and everything that was prehistoric and died several million years ago.
You gazed longingly at the collections of dinosaur bones in your favorite museum and begged your parents for your very own
ancient arrow head when you visited ancient Native American burial grounds.

Now that you are grown up, it is easy to understand your chosen career path when you think of your childhood days. You went
to school for many years and now you are an archeologist who spends his days digging up ancient artifacts and bones in some
of the most remote locations of the world.

To sum it up, you help the world piece the history together. There are so many things we have learned from archeology expeditions
that help us shape what we believe the world was millions of years ago. All thanks to the work of dedicated professionals
who devote their lives to studying the past. Their study of the past helps us create a better future.

Man would not have known about dinosaurs had it not been for archeologists who dug up the artifacts of that period including
the bones to show what they looked like millions of years ago. Also, if it was not for archeologists on their constant
quests for artifacts, we never would have learned about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians and the people who died in

Archeologists are vital to the future of our world, but do not receive the proper amount of credit. They have been
instrumental in the formation of the United States as well. They helped piece together the history of the Native Americans
and helped find Native American artifacts like weaponry that help explain where some of our current weapons originated from.

Just imagine what we would not know if archeologists did not spend their time researching and creating our history. We would
be a world who thinks it started after Christopher Columbus sailed to America. Well, maybe not. But out world history view
would definitely be limited.

So, you may not know an actual archeologist personally, but than them each time you visit a museum, watch a historical
documentary or learn something about the history of the United States. They were the ones who helped do the research and
find out the truth behind the mysteries in life.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in artifact searching, find a college that offers a good program in archeology.
There are several across the country that will help you learn about the past and learn the tools to becoming one yourself.
These programs can be quite demanding and you must be able to handle the dangers and challenges that come along with this
sort of career to be successful.

Imagine walking across the desert and finding ancient scribes that were written millions of years ago. That dream could
definitely be a reality if you pursue a career in artifact finding and archeology.