Rad Ways To Pimp Your Cell Phone

Nine times out of ten you’re thinking of dunking your cellphone into the fire or mixing it in the blender because everyone else seems to be sporting a snazzy, sexy cell phone, while you are stuck with one that’s snarky, ugly, obsolete and so unhip that it’s started to look like a pig’s behind. Chances are that you are planning to call it an antique and shove it down the throat of some wacko buyer on eBay.

Let’s move on to the next step – your new cellphone. Now you need to pick up something and jazz it up so much, that you can show it off and make your buddies go green with envy. So, here are the latest ways using which, you can pimp up your cellphone:

1. Turn your cellphone into an ecosystem: In other words, convert your cellphone into an environmental-friendly product and check out the “oohs” and the “aahs” you get when you gently explain, to the opposite sex, how your cellphone actually protects the ozone layer. Don’t buy cellphones that use non-biodegradable plastics; don’t go near cellphones that coat their phones with flame retardant chemicals such as bromine-based flame retardants; conserve electricity by charging your phone as much as is required – better still, there’s a new kind of phone that’s made using bamboo and is powered by solar cells. Go for that. Our planet is getting hotter by the day; at least make your cellphone look cool!

2. Go for total convergence: First, get your cellphone hooked into a mobile radio service – there are many mobile services available and many, many more are on the way. Next, get a mobile TV service going – it’s about 10 bucks a month, but that’s nothing if you want to really pimp your buddy up. Now, get mobile VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) going – make calls to anyone in the world using your local connection! Bang, that’s gonna get you some cool eyeballs! Now – here’s the sucker punch – build all these features into a full screen phone! Mobile companies are coming out with full screen phones where everything is touch operated and the screen lights up when touched! Imagine a full screen phone with radio, TV and Mobile VOIP! Cool!

3. Make it burglar-proof: There are applications available in the market that make your cellphone scream out like Bruce Springsteen did while bellowing out “Born In The USA”. Okay, the Bruce Springsteen bit was a joke, but, seriously, mobile applications are available that make your cellphone scream if it is stolen. Not just that, these applications lock in your private data, which can be recovered when you find the phone. Imagine what a technosavvy image you will project! Move over Neo, you two-bit son of an antique!

These are the top three ways you can pimp up your cellphone. Not only will your cellphone increase your social rank, it will also offer you protection from theft and provide you with entertainment when you need it the most – while at work or while studying. Plus, it will massage the ozone layer for you. Now what more can you wish for – Go for it, dude!