Reasons Why Zune Could Beat The Ipod

There is a lot of hype around the release of the Zune player. Microsoft claims that their portable media device is a real iPod killer. But the reality may not be that easy. There are 3 reasons though that makes us believe that the Zune can succeed. Two of them are already announced but the third one is more on our wish list for now.

Wi-fi connectivity
With the introduction of the zune in November, Microsoft brings the portable media players on new grounds. The Wi-fi feature will enable users to socialize within their music universe. The social web as took all the attention on the internet in the last year or so. With the Zune, a part of that trend becomes “portable”. Exchanging a song or a video may look boring but doing it with the Zune and at the speed of a Wi-fi network will be very attractive for young people. On a negative note, the drm feature (Digital Rights Management) could eventually generate frustration among Zune users.

Integrated Marketplace
The subscription base Zune Marketplace could be a real skyrocket feature. Being able to access an online database of new music without having to download it first to your computer will make the Zune a real and first “portable media device”. The other important aspect of the Zune Marketplace is the ability to download as many songs as you want for a flat fee. If we can access the Zune Marketplace thru a public wi-fi network it will be a real technology and music orgasm!

VoIp Phone
This feature as not been announced by Microsoft (yet!) but it would be like a cherry on a sundae to have it. Imagine if your Wi-fi portable device could connect thru internet to access a VoIp network. This feature should not be very difficult to develop because most of the required hardware is already there (besides the microphone). A VoIp phone would be a lot easier to release compared to a real mobile phone which requires a lot more integration work and approvals.