Stock Market And Its Profits

The stock market investments has proving to yield more profits better than other financial investments in the financial market investments. With the stock investment, you are sure of an incessant opportunities of better profits, and above all…you are guarranteed of low risk of losing your money. Your portfolio manager will be on alert 24/5 to harness on your stock investments which fix you on full set of sleeping all day, and partying all night while your stock investment is growing more active by the day, and still making your money… even when you are out on your holidays.

The stock market has been accertained of its risk free and its profits potentials with the following other investments below, and the stock has been proven to be more yielding better than others below.

{1} Real Estate: ————- {Land & Building}
{2} Securities: ————– {Shares/Stocks and bonds}
{3} Trading: —————– {Buying/Selling/import & Export}
{4} Manufacturing: ———– {Goods & Services}
{5} Fixed Deposits: ———- {Banks/Building Societies}

Although, some investments are more lucrative than the other, but above all, ”The stock market” has still remained the most active, yielding, profitting and very lucrative among all others. A good example of one year investment trial has been conducted between the listed investments above, And yet ”The stock market” still emerge the leading profitting investment to yield potential profits among all others.

This statistic figures below has been monitored on 2 years on approximation investment prices as at between January 2006 to January 2008:-

Cost Of Price As At January 2006 Cost Of Price As At January 2008
{1} Land Cost:- 10,000 And 15,000 —— Current Price:- 13,000 And 18,000
{2} Buildings Cost:- 10,000 And 15,000 —— Building Cost:- 13,000 And 18,000
{3} Business Cost:- 10,000 And 15,000 —– Trading Cost:- 14,000 And 19,000
{4} Manufacturing Cost:- 100,000 And 15,000 — Manufacturing Cost:- 15,000 And 20,000
{5} Securities Cost, 10,000 And 15,000 —— Securities Cost:- 18,000 And 26,000

The statistics here show the result of changes in profit and in more yielding, lucrative and more profitable in each of the investments.

Statistics Of Changes In The Investment Profits As At January 2008.

Land Profits:- 13,000 And 18,000 ———– Profits Of:- 3,000 Each.
Building Profits:- 13,000 And 18,000 ——- Profits Of:- 3,000 Each.
Business Profits:- 14,000 And 19,000 ——– Profits Of:- 4,000 Each.
Manufacturing Profits:- 15,000 And 20,000 — Profits Of:- 5,000 Each.
Securities Profits:- 18,000 And 26,000 —— Profits Of: 8,000 And 11,000.

This statistic fagure above showed that the investment started at thesame time, and with thesame amount of capital investment, but with the changes and the transactions within the 2 years period of time, the securities stand solely as the highest yielding profitable investment with a huge difference of between 8,000 and 11,000 profits. The manufacturing is also another yielding investment within the same period of 2 years investment… thats to show you how profitting the stock markets and other securities markets stands to profit you money, you can even earn 3 times of your capital investment. You still earn money in stock market, even when you are sleeping or even when you are in a long distance holidays trip.

The stock market is the only assured investment that can prompt you enough chance to spend time with you family and your love one’s give, travel to the moon, engage other businesses and at the end of the day… you will still have so much to spend around with joy and happiness. Try investing into stock market today and you will see some changes in your financial capacity almost instantly, and to tell you the fact ” is INCESSANT”. You have absolutely nothing to lose order than profits, profits, profits and more profits. Read more from the authors links below.