The Benefits of Composting

Besides a free and nutrient rich fertilizer for your soil and plants there are many other
benefits to starting a compost in your yard. A few of the benefits of composting are listed

* You can reduce or eliminate weeds in your garden by using compost as it prevents
weed seeds from sprouting and prospering. This is a natural alternative to
* Mature compost material has been used to stop or prevent erosion in certain areas.
The binding capability in the compost can keep the soil in place and prevent
dangerous drop-offs.
* Reducing the amount of organic material that goes to a dump unnecessarily – in
turn this reduces the amount of methane gas a dump creates during
* In wetlands areas that are in trouble, compost has been used to revitalize the soil
and surrounding plant life.
* Healthier plants, compost material can prevent your plants from contracting
diseases that kill or spread to the rest of the crop or garden.
* Can create a stable and healthier pH balance in your soil.
* If your soil is overly dry (sandy), adding compost to the soil and thoroughly
mixing can help the sandy dirt retain more water keeping it moist.
* If your soil is clay-like, you can make the dirt easier to work with and less dense
by adding mature compost.
* Provides important nutrients and micronutrients to the soil and plants.
* Increases the temperature of the soil creating a conducive environment for plant
growth and health.

This is just a few of the important benefits that can be derived from using compost. It
helps the environment, your garden, your plants and the planet. The small amount of
time that it takes to set-up and maintain a compost bin or pile is well worth the time and