Tips to Succeed With Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution

Exercising more. Eating nutritious foods. Stopping a smoking habit. With health-conscious actions topping our New Year’s resolutions every year, why do we always seem to not meet our goals, going back to old habits?

Some experts believe the failure to succeed with a resolution may be because we don’t have a game plan. But the following tips will help start the new year with a strategy to maintain a healthy goal.

* Be committed, yet realistic. Dedication is an important driving force in keeping you on track of your resolution. However, unrealistic goals, such as being able to run a marathon after two weeks of training, can easily burst your spirit. Make sure your resolution is reasonable.

* Make it easy. Though maintaining your resolution can be hard, there might be a tool that makes it easier to accomplish. For example, you can fulfill a resolution to practice good oral care with the new HydraBrush Express, an electric toothbrush that takes 40 seconds or less to use.

Developed by Oralbotic Research Inc., the HydraBrush Express cleans all six surfaces of your teeth simultaneously. The toothbrush uses automatic bristle positioning, massages the gums and has brush heads that move at 810 strokes per minute. To use it, you bite into the brushes and guide the handle toward the back of your mouth. With daily use, you can enjoy whiter teeth, healthier gums and a decrease in plaque.