Upcoming UFC Fights

If you are a fan of UFC, here are three upcoming fights that you need to watch:

UFC 67 (February 3rd)

Silva vs. Lutter-Anderson Silva will be defending his Middleweight Champion title against Travis Lutter. Although Silva is coming into the fight with more fights under his belt (nineteen), Lutter has fewer losses on his record (two, in comparison to Silva’s four). Both fighters are almost equal in age and size, but each fighter has their own unique style. Silva relies heavily on his striking abilities, while Lutter has an extremely strong background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

UFC 68 (March 3rd)

Sylvia vs. Couture-The headlining fight of UFC 68 will be Tim Sylvia defending his title as Heavyweight Champion against none other than Randy Couture. Couture, who has been in retirement for almost a year, has not fought as a heavyweight since 2002. On paper, Couture is at a disadvantage in almost every area. Physically, Sylvia is seven inches taller and sixty pounds heavier than Couture. Additionally, Couture is thirteen years older than Sylvia. However, this extra experience could actually work in his favor. Finally, when it comes to past wins and losses, there is really no comparison. Sylvia boasts twenty-four victories and only two losses, while Couture has eight losses in comparison to his fourteen victories. Even though Sylvia has an obvious advantage on paper, once the fighters step into the Octagon, none of that will matter. This fight will definitely be one for the books!

Lytle vs. Hughes-Although it is not a championship fight, the bout between Chris Lytle and Matt Hughes will be an extremely exciting one. Matt Hughes, the former welterweight champion, has an impressive record of forty-one UFC victories and only four losses. Although Lytle’s record is not nearly as clear cut (18-12-5), Matt has already admitted that Lytle is a very tough guy and that this fight will be a challenge.