What Is Acne And Who Gets Acne

Acne primarily occurs when the pores of our face get clogged with whiteheads, blackheads or lumps like cysts or nodules. Acne appears on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, back and the upper arms. It is very common with teenagers but adults till the age of forty can be affected by acne. It is not at all hazardous to health but it creates blemishes on the body, which in turn is very irritating. Acne causes scarring which are often permanent.

Acne is not dependent upon race, ethnicity, color or sex. Nearly 100% of people belonging to the age group of twelve to seventeen suffer from the occasional blackhead, whitehead or pimple. Most of these young people are able to take care of this problem with some medications that can be had over the counter. For some the problem is serious and needs professional care. About 40% of adolescents and teenagers suffer from severe problems that require the assistance of a physician to be cured.

When does it start?

Acne hits between the ages of ten and thirteen. The condition persists for the next five to ten years. It normally disappears in the early twenties though it can stay till one is in their late twenties, thirties or even later than that. There have been cases when people start getting acne when they are well into adulthood.

Men or women?

There has been no concrete evidence to show whether men or women suffer more from acne. But young men are more prone to the different forms of acne than women. For men acne is far more severe and lasts really longer than women. Despite this men do not visit the dermatologist as often as they should.

Young women usually have acne that occurs intermittently. This is caused by hormonal changes that are associated with the menstrual cycle. Acne can also be caused by the use of cosmetics without understanding whether they are suitable to the particular skin type or not. These kinds of acne can happen to women who are well into their adulthood.

Where do they occur?

Acne can occur most commonly on the face but they also occur on the chest, back, shoulders, scalp, neck, upper arms and legs.


Acne may seem to be very trivial but you will be surprised to know that it does have an economic impact as well. Approximately a hundred million dollars a year are spent on non-prescriptive drugs that most teenagers buy to get rid of acne. This amount does not include the money spent on the cleansers and soaps that have been made for controlling acne. Besides this one needs to visit the dermatologist and buy the medicines that he has prescribed. This also needs money.

You have come to know that you are not the only one who is suffering from this problem. A careful skin-cleansing regimen needs to be followed to have a healthy skin.