What You Need to Know About Benzoyl Peroxide

One of the most common ingredients found in acne treatment medications is benzoyl peroxide. It is known for its acne fighting properties. It is a chemical found in organic peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is called an active ingredient in products because it causes a chemical change upon contact with the skin. It produces a chemical compound of benzoic acid and oxygen that peels the top layer of dead cells off the skin surface. This peeling effect cleans the pores more deeply than a normal application of soap and water.

Benzoyl peroxide is found in a wide variety of products because it is known for its mildness on the skin. Another of the most common ingredients found with benzoyl peroxide is salicylic acid. A combination of these two active ingredients is found in popular acne treatment brands like Oxy-10 and Clearasil. While both have been tested for their acne fighting properties, they have not been proven to be any more effective combined. Salicylic acid can be harmful for women who are pregnant, causing birth defects. This has been proven in cases where the salicylic acid is ingested orally. It has not been totally proven in cases where the salicylic acid is applied topically, but if you’re a mother, do you really want to run that risk. The best idea is to stay away from the salicylic acid completely.

There are many products out there that are effective that have no salicylic acid in them. One of the most popular acne treatments sold today is, a product that is endorsed by many high profile celebrities including Jessica Simpson, Puff Daddy, and Lindsay Lohan. Proactiv has been tested and proven to be effective using a combination of ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and sulfur. It also has anti-inflammatory ingredients such as aloe vera that help the skin stay moisturized. Clean, moist skin is one of the most important factors in maintaining and preventing further acne.

Of course, there are cases where benzoyl peroxide has been reported to irritate and dry out the skin. Dry and irritated skin and hair follicles have the highest susceptibility to new acne, so it is important to have the correct dosage of benzoyl peroxide for your own personal needs. has a fairly low level of benzoyl at 2.5%, which helps keep skin irritation to a minimal. There are several products out on the market today, such as NeoBenz Micro that contains higher concentrations of up to 8.5%. Because of this high dose NeoBenz is only available with a prescription.