Tips For Extreme Obese Women Or Men

The vast majority of our population is overweight, at least a little. To determine ‘how overweight’ someone is, we commonly use a body mass index, or BMI. Anyone who has a BMI of over 39% is considered morbidly, or extremely, obese. Everyone knows that having excess body fat can cause a myriad of health problems, and the more overweight you are the more severe and frequent your health problems will be. But don’t give up, even extreme obese women can find the help they need to get their weight under control, once and for all.

Before you decide which type of weight loss plan is best for you, don’t overlook your emotions. Many people will ‘emotionally eat’ or eat when they are upset or depressed. Recognizing your bad habits is the first step to changing them and adopting new, healthier, habits.

Here are some steps that can help you get back in shape:

1. The first step anyone who is obese needs to take is a trip to their doctor. You are far more susceptible to heart problems so you need to find out if you are healthy enough for exercise. Exercise and diet is the best way for anyone to lose weight. No, it’s not quick or easy, but it’s a lifestyle change that can help you keep the weight off permanently.

Start off easy by taking short walks. Other great ideas are non-impact activities such as swimming or biking. You will have to start slow and that is fine, but as long as your doctor says it’s ok, you need to start. Hiring a trainer to help you modify exercises for your specific limitations is another good idea (they can also help you stay motivated).

2. While not as highly recommended as step 1, medication can help some people who are extremely overweight. It’s still not a quick fix and the medications will need to be prescribed, and monitored, by your doctor; but using medications for a short time might be a good way to kick start your weight loss. It’s not recommended that you use these medications for extended periods of time due to the number of side effects, so if you decide to go this route think of it as only a temporary thing to get you started.

3. There are now some surgical remedies to obesity. Bariatric weight loss surgery has helped many morbidly obese patients lose all of their unwanted weight and by doing so has allowed many of them to completely reverse some negative health issues that they were dealing with. This surgery is expensive though and as with any surgery, there can be complications.

All in all, it’s best if you can make lifestyle changes with your diet and by adding exercise to your daily routine if you need to lose weight, but if you need extra help their are other things that you can do. The most important thing that extreme obese women need to remember is that it’s not so important which method you choose, just choose one and stick with it. You deserve a long, happy, healthy life, and only you can make that happen.